Devil's Claw Root Capsules (Organic)

Devil's Claw Root Capsules (Organic)

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Each vegan capsule contains a 415mg serving.

Our capsules are 100% free from additives, fillers, and preservatives.

Common Name

Devil’s Claw

Latin Name

Harpagophytum procumbens

Plant Family


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Devil’s claw is native to Africa and is named after its distinct appearance. During it’s lifecycle, the inner capsule of the fruit splits in a way that appears similar to two curved claws.

Typical Preparations

Taken internally as a tea, powder, capsules, or extract.

Medicinal Uses

Devil’s claw is commonly used as a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic, especially in situations of arthritis and chronic pain. The method of action for the anti-inflammatory effects of devil’s claw have not fully been established, although some believe that it is activated by interactions with stomach acid or intestinal bacteria. Devil’s claw is one of the most bitter herbs available, and may also stimulate digestion and bile production.

Active Constituents

Harpaoside, harpagide, porcumbide, flavonoids, phenolic acids, harpagoquinone.