Nettle Leaf Capsules (Organic)

Nettle Leaf Capsules (Organic)

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Each vegan capsule contains a 475mg serving.

Our capsules are 100% free from additives, fillers, and preservatives.

Common Name

Nettle, Stinging Nettle

Latin Name

Urtica dioica



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Nettle is  used all over the world as both a food and a medicine. It works well both on its own, and when combined with other herbs.

Typical Preparations

Taken internally as a tea, powder, or capsule. Can also be used in cooking.

Medicinal Uses

Nettle leaf has a mild diuretic action and helps to support urinary function. It can help to increase the removal of uric acid from the body and can be useful for edema, arthritis, and swollen joints. As well, nettle can be cleansing for the lymphatic system, and is often used for a variety of ailments involving the skin. 

Active Constituents

Acids, amines, lignans, quercetin, kaempferol, rutin, vitamins (A, B2, B5, C), calcium, silicon, chlorophyll, fiber, sterols, tannins, glucoquinones.