Acacia Bark

Acacia Bark


Common Name

Acacia Bark, Ubulawa Dream Herb, Mukanya Kude, Wild South Africa Dream Herb, Fever Tree

Latin Name

Acacia xanthophloea

Plant Family 


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Our acacia bark originates from a small family business in South Africa. It is wild crafted, and can be found growing in Eastern and Southern Africa. 

Typical Preparations

Taken internally as a decoction, generally in a traditional combination with other herbs. 

Medicinal Uses

Historically, acacia bark has been used for treating fevers and eye complaints, however this usage is less common in present time. Acacia bark is primarily used as a shamanic medicine. It is a traditional divination tool used by African tribes, and is generally taken in combination with four other sacred Ubulawa herbs to make a decoction. Shamanic medicine holds that it can be used to induce lucid dreams, help to communicate with ancestral spirits, and receive guidance.