Calamus/Sweet Flag (Wildcrafted)

Calamus/Sweet Flag (Wildcrafted)

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Common Name

Calamus, Sweet Flag, Acorus, Sweet Calamus, Vacha

Latin Name

Acorus calamus

Plant Family


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Calamus is an extremely strong, bitter herb. It is native to India, central Asia, Southern Russia, and Siberia. Calamus works well both on its own, and combined with other herbs.

Typical Preparations

Taken internally as a powder, tea, in capsules, and as an extract.

Medicinal Uses

Calamus is a potent digestive stimulant and can help to reduce gas and bloating, as well as increase general energy. It is frequently used to aid in the cessation of smoking, as it can be beneficial for reducing the nausea and appetite loss that often occurs. In addition, calamus can reduce anxiety, so it is particularly indicated when upset stomach and digestive issues are caused by nervousness. Calamus has been used since biblical times for these purposes and many beyond , and is best taken on a short term basis. 

Active Constituents

Volatile oils, saponins, mucilage.


Calamus is a grounding herb, and is associated with love, lust, affection, and clarity of perception. The name is associated with the Greek mythological figure Kalamos. The dried herb can also be used as a smudge.