Damiana Leaf (Organic)

Damiana Leaf (Organic)

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Common Name

Damiana, Curzon

Latin Name

Turnera diffusa

Plant Family


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Damiana is a relaxing, anti-depressant, and aphrodisiac herb. Some people find that it can be slightly energizing. It has been historically used in Mexico, Central America, and South America for its aphrodisiac qualities. Damiana works well on its own and when combined with other herbs.

Typical Preparations

Taken internally as a tea, powder, capsules, or extract. Damiana can also be smoked or used as an ingredient in liqueurs and cordials.

Medicinal Uses

Damiana is used primarily for its aphrodisiac qualities. It has a notable yet gentle uplifting effect on mood, and its effects can be described as feeling as if you are having a very pleasant day. Damiana can also be used to promote pleasant dreams and to enhance dreaming in general.

Active Constituents

Volatile oil, resin, tannin, starch, damianian, flavonoids, hydroquinone, arbutin.