Guayusa (Grown Without Chemicals)

Guayusa (Grown Without Chemicals)


Common Name


Latin Name

Guayusa ilex

Plant Family


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Guayusa is native to Ecuador, Peru, and Columbia. It is almost always cultivated, and is closely related to yerba mate. The Guayusa from Zhi Herbals is unique because it is grown by the Quechua people in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador, and shade dried on ceremonial Quechua land, in gardens surrounded by sacred plants. Guayusa works well on its own and when combined with other herbs. 

Typical Preparations

Taken internally as a tea, powder, or extract. 

Medicinal Uses

Guayusa is a stimulating herb, and is referred to as the ‘night watchman’ by some indigenous groups. It is often used to increase focus and alertness. Guayusa contains caffeine, however it generally does not give the energetic crash associated with coffee. It is sometimes used to enhance visions within dreams. 

Leaves kept in shade are of a higher quality than those grown in the sun, which is less flavorful and has fewer nutrients. It is easy to tell the quality by looking at the color of the leaves, as those of a darker color have lived in shade. All guayusa carried by Zhi Herbals is grown and dried in shaded gardens with other sacred plants. 

Active Constituents

Caffeine, theobromine, l-theanine, glucatamic acid, feluric acid, chlorogenic acid, antioxidants.