Baby Woodrose Seeds (Hawaiian)

Baby Woodrose Seeds (Hawaiian)


Common Name

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, Woodrose, Wooly Morning Glory, Adhoguda, Elephant Creeper

Latin Name

Argyreia nervosa

Plant Family


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Baby woodrose works well both on its own, and combined with other herbs.

Typical Preparations

Taken as chewed or powdered seeds, or as an extract. It is suggested that you take no more than two to three seeds the first time. May cause nausea, stomach complaints, and hangover effects. As with all teacher plants, please research prior to using, understand that your effects may vary, and use them with respect.  

Medicinal Uses

Hawaiian baby woodrose does not have a traditional use in medicine, although several closely related varieties have been used in traditional Huna shamanic practices. The use of this variety began in the 1960s. 

Active Constituents

Alkaloids, ergot, lysergol, lysergic acid amide.