Hibiscus Petals (Organic)

Hibiscus Petals (Organic)

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Common Name

Hibiscus, Roselle, Ambashthaki

Latin Name

Hibiscus sabdariffa

Plant Family


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Hibiscus is a tropical flower that can be enjoyed on its own or combined with other foods and herbs. It has a sour and tart flavor, similar to lime, and is high in vitamin C. When brewed as a tea, hibiscus produces an extremely dark red color, which can also be used as a dye. Hibiscus tea is delicious both hot or iced.

Typical Preparations

The petals can be brewed as a tea, or candied and used as an edible garnish for other foods. Hibiscus can also be used as a natural dye.

Active Constituents

Citric acid, mallic acid, tartaric acid, alkaloids, anthocyanins, quercetin.