Lotus Petals (White)

Lotus Petals (White)


Common Name

White Lotus, Sacred Water Lotus, East Indian Lotus, Indian Lotus

Latin Name

Nelumbo nucifera

Plant Family


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Lotus is effective both on its own and when combined with other herbs. 

It is often confused with water lily, and although the plants are often sold interchangeably, it is important to know the difference. The pink and white lotus sold by Zhi Herbals are true lotus plants. Our red and blue lotus are in the water lily family, although they are often referred to as lotus and used as such. Most plants referred to as lotus will have a similar effect, with only subtle differences between them.

Typical Preparations

Taken internally as a tea, powder, capsules, or extract. Can also be smoked. 

Medicinal Uses

White lotus has gentle consciousness altering effects. It is believed to help promote feelings of peace and to relieve pains. It is gently warming and euphoric, and can help to enhance meditation and promote the feeling of grounding.   

Active Constituents

Nuciferin, nerenyuferin, romerin.


White Lotus is highly regarded in many Buddhist, Hindu, and Egyptian religions for its gentle mind altering effects, and as promoter of prosperity and fertility. It is Vietnam’s unofficial national flower and is considered a symbol of beauty and perfection.