Palo Santo

Palo Santo


Common Name

Palo Santo, Holy Wood

Latin Name

Bursera graveolens

Plant Family


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Palo santo grows wild in Central and South America, and is burned as a smudge or incense to help cleanse negative energy and draw in the positive. It is intensely fragrant even before being lit, and can be used to scent closets, suitcases, and other spaces. Although generally pleasing to humans, the scent of palo santo can help to repel mosquitos and other insects. It is often used by Amazonian shamans during ceremonies to help repel evil spirits. Reports of its use date back to the Inca. Palo santo is energetically warming and uplifting. With its gaining popularity, and long growing cycle, palo santo is now in danger of being overharvested. All of Zhi Herbal’s palo santo wood is sustainably and legally harvested without harming the trees, by collecting only branches that have fallen naturally to the ground. Palo santo is sold per piece.