Rhodiola Root (Organic)

Rhodiola Root (Organic)

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Common Name

Rhodiola, Golden Root, Arctic Rose, King’s Crown, Roseroot, Rosewort, Snowdown Rose

Latin Name

Rhodiola rosea, Sedum rosea

Plant Family


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Rhodiola has been used for thousands of years in Europe and Asia. It is mentioned in text by the Greek physician Dioscorides in 77 C.E., and prior to that in numerous writings from Tibet and China. It works well both on its own and when combined with other herbs. Due to concerns of overharvesting, Zhi Herbals only carries rhodiola from sustainable sources.

Typical Preparations

Taken internally as a tea, decoction, powder, capsules, or extract. 

Medicinal Uses

Rhodiola is a powerful adaptogen herb. It is normally used to help the body to deal with stress in a productive way, provide energy, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as nourishing for Chi (life force) Energy. It has a protective effect on the brain’s neurotransmitters, especially serotonin and dopamine, and can help to increase mental acuity. In addition, rhodiola can increase circulation and physical endurance. It has been given to Olympic athletes in Russia, as well as to astronauts. Rhodiola is also a potent source of antioxidants. Due to the balancing effect that rhodiola has on the body, it can be stimulating or sedating depending on dosage. Most often, lower doses are energizing and higher doses can be more sedating.

Active Constituents

Rosavin, rosin, rosarin, salidroside, rhodioloside, flavonoids, monotriterpenes, triterpenes, phenolic acid.


In Siberia, bouquets of rhodiola root are sometimes given as gifts to couples prior to marriage, as a good luck charm and to wish them fertility and happy children. Energetically, it is cooling, although sometimes it is considered slightly warm.