Rosemary Leaf (Organic)

Rosemary Leaf (Organic)

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Common Name


Latin Name

Rosmarinus officinalis

Plant Family


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Rosemary is a member of the mint family, and native to the Mediterranean. Younger leaves tend to be sweeter tasting and are preferred in cooking. Rosemary has a distinctive piney, fresh, and slightly spicy flavour.

Typical Preparations

Taken internally as a tea, powder, capsules, or extract, or used topically. The fresh or dried herb is often used in cooking. Visit our recipe archive for more information on learning how to cook with rosemary.

Medicinal Uses

Aside from its well-known culinary uses, rosemary is an excellent medicinal herb. It helps to enhance blood flow, including circulation to the brain, which can in turn help to improve mental clarity and vision. It tones the circulatory and nervous systems and acts as a gentle smooth muscle relaxant. Rosemary can also be taken during or after meals to help alleviate gas and stimulate digestion.

Active Constituents

Volatile oil, flavonoids, rosmarinic acid, phenolic acids, terpenoids.


Historically, rosemary has symbolized love and loyalty, and was often involved at weddings and funerals. Sometimes it was given as a gift to guests, or in weddings it may be wrapped in a wreath or bridal bouquet. In Spain and Italy, rosemary was considered a safeguard from witches and other general evil influences. In France, rosemary was sometimes burned alongside juniper berries to help  purify the air.