Sinicuichi/Sun Opener

Sinicuichi/Sun Opener


Common Name

Sinicuichi, Sun Opener

Latin Name

Heimia salicifolia

Plant Family


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Sinicuichi is native to the southwestern USA, Mexico, and Central America. It has been used since the Aztecs, and currently is used as a traditional shamanic herb in Mexico. 

Typical Preparations

Traditional preparation involves soaking leaves in a jar of cool water, and leaving it in the sun for 24 hours. The tea may be used internally or externally.

Medicinal Uses

Sinicuichi is used to create a mild, pleasant, drunk effect. Vision may appear yellow and sounds may seem far away, although still visually sharp. It may increase body temperate slightly, and can be used externally for a variety of ailments. External uses include insect repellant, reducing poison ivy rashes, and soothing sore muscles.

Active Constituents

Alkaloids, phenylalanine.