Holy Basil/Tulsi (Organic)

Holy Basil/Tulsi (Organic)

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Common Name

Holy Basil, Tulsi, Sacred Basil

Latin Name

Ocimum sp.

Plant Family


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Holy basil has been used for thousands of years in India, both as a food and as a medicine. It is related to mint and sweet basil, although its flavor is much different. Holy basil is native to Asia, although it can grow in many places around the world. It works well both on its own and when combined with other herbs. 

Typical Preparations

Taken internally as a tea, decoction, powder, or extract. Can also be used for culinary purposes.

Medicinal Uses

Holy basil is a powerful antioxidant, digestive aid, and adaptive herb. It can help the body to achieve a mild sense of euphoric calm, while increasing energy, stamina, and ability to deal with stress. Holy basil can help to increase mental clarity and memory, and, and potentially even reduce the risk of age related mental disorders.

Active Constituents

Eugenol, caryophyllene, triterpenoic acids.


Hindu mythology describes holy basil as symbolizing a healing mother goddess. Holy basil is considered the queen of herbs. In Sanskrit, tulsi means “beyond comparison”. Occasionally, the leaves of holy basil will be laid on the dead as a protection for their journey to the afterlife.