Yellow Dock Root (Wildcrafted)

Yellow Dock Root (Wildcrafted)

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Common Name

Yellow Dock, Curled Dock, Curly Dock, Dock

Latin Name

Rumex crispus

Plant Family


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Yellow dock works well both on its own and when combined with other herbs. 

Typical Preparations

Taken internally as a tea, decoction, powder, capsules, or extract. Can also be used externally. 

Medicinal Uses

Yellow dock is high in many minerals, including iron. It has a toning and astringent effect on the body, and is cooling and bitter. For some people, yellow dock can produce a gentle laxative effect. Yellow dock is often used to help to detoxify the liver and lymphatic system, especially in chronic conditions of congestion, such as chronic skin conditions, gastrointestinal complaints, flatulence, and liver problems. 

Active Constituents

Anthraquinone glycosides, tannins, oxalates, minerals.