Calendula/Marigold Infused Coconut Oil

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Calendula/Marigold Infused Coconut Oil

This calendula infused coconut oil can be used topically to soothe minor skin irritations such as rashes and sunburns. It’s also tasty spread on toast or used as a cooking oil, and is a key ingredient in our calendula and rye sable cookie recipe.

To make calendula infused coconut oil add 1 part dried calendula flowers to 5 parts of coconut oil. For example, you could use 1/5 cup dried calendula and 1 cup of coconut oil.

Put the calendula flowers and coconut oil in a slow cooker or a pot on the stove, and set to the lowest possible heat setting. Allow them to infuse for 24-48 hours. Strain and store as you would regular coconut oil.

The melted oil will become a golden yellow once it has infused, once once hardened it will appear more white. This is completely normal.

Make sure to label your newly infused oil so that you don’t confuse it with regular coconut oil.